6.5KG of Heroin Seized, The Main Dealer Arrested in the Charente

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6.5 kg of Heroin seized, Main dealer arrested in Charente

DRUG TRAFFICKING: In the Charente, police have seized 6.5kg of Heroin, guns, cash and arrested 8 people, including the leader of the ring

Nice case resolved by the police of Poitiers who rejoiced, last night, on the social networks. 

6.5 kg of heroin seized, 300 grams of cocaine, cannabis, seven weapons including two rifles, 6,400 euros in cash and 8 people arrested. 

Among them, the Potiers police got their hands on the alleged leader of this drug trafficking group in the Charente, that is suspected of supplying both the Charente and Vienne departments with Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine.

Heroin seized in the Charente, main dealer arrested
Heroin seized in the Charente, main dealer arrested

The man from Charente is suspected of providing heroin, cocaine and cannabis, to dealers in Potiers. The suspects are between 33 and 44 years old.

Today, six of the suspects will be brought before the public prosecutor of Poitiers. The value of the seizure is estimated at 260,000 euros.

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