Poitiers: Rider of a Scooter, is Dragged for 300 Metres under a Car

Local News
The car crashed into the scooter from behind and dragged victim for 300 metres

The victim narrowly escaped death …

This scooter driver had a narrow escape. On the night of Friday, 5th May, at 3 am, to Poitiers , he waits at a traffic light when the scooter is struck from a car from behind.

The driver of the car, then reverses and then resumes on his way quietly.  Without knowing it, the scooter rider is still under the car. The reckless driver, who was under the influence of alcohol, eventually parked outside his home. The victim, aged 36, remained clinging with all his strength to the car bumper told La Charente Libre  for 300 meters. Badly burned, the young man also had several fingers severed. However, his prognosis is not thought to be life threatening.

1.60 g of alcohol in blood

The police were quick to find the car, and after the shock, went to the driver, and woke him up as he was already asleep.  Upon testing, he was found to have 1.60 g of alcohol in the blood. He was presented to the prosecutor and the investigating judge who charged him for involuntary injuries, hit and run and driving while intoxicated. He was left free under judicial supervision .

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