The President of the University of Potiers Calls to Vote against Le Pen

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Yves Jean, president of the University of Poitiers.calls to vote against Marine Le Pen

In an email sent on Friday to 26,000 students and 3,000 staff of the University of Poitiers, its president, Yves Jean, called for the second round of the presidential vote to vote against the Front National, Marine Le Pen. The line “subject” of the email is unambiguous: “Call to vote against Mrs Le Pen” .

In this message, Yves Jean recalls the tradition of welcoming international students to its establishment and many international exchanges that exist today.“Given this, it is a clear of the need to block Marine Le Pen whose project is totally the opposite of not only this opening to the dissemination of knowledge to as many […] but also academic values and traditions in which tolerance has an essential place, “ it is written in the email that France Bleu Poitou procured.

Contacted by radio, Yves Jean explained: “It’s my mission as president of a university founded in 1431 and has always been involved in the home of another. It is my duty as an anti-racist activist, I’m a long time. “

Alain Verdin, departmental head of the FN in Vienna, took exception to this message and has a complaint after alerting national authorities of his party, according to France Bleu Poitou.

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