Charente: Dry Petrol Pumps, the Supply Expected Normally This Monday

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Some petrol stations are running dry in Angouleme, Charente

The La Pallice oil depot in La Rochelle was unblocked on Friday afternoon. This did not prevent Charente motorists from taking their precaution, with queues at the Petrol Pumps

The La Pallice oil depot in La Rochelle was unblocked on Friday afternoon. This did not prevent Charente motorists from taking their precaution. From this Saturday morning, queues have lengthened the petrol pumps of supermarkets.

The dry tank is often the reason given by motorists. Which also combines without doubt and without always admitting it with the blocking of the deposits and the agitated social week which is announced, from Thursday. And promotions on fuel at cost price. Something like the fear of missing. The fear of dry pumps when the social movements announce themselves.

In the queue, in the parking lot of Leclerc Lunesse, Ludovic Raynaud pulls his hair. He came from Nersac with his son to have a look at the prestigious cars show at Leclerc. “I was dry, I took the opportunity to refuel”. He regrets a little. ” Everytime it’s the same. it ends up causing the shortage. Because the cost price is frequent. But it’s never the rush like that. ”

At the pump next door, a van just arrived is already leaving. 9l95 of diesel. Just for the complement.

it also makes Corinne Malaterre moan, come to fill up “simply to go work the week”. She lives in brie and works in Soyaux but does not fear the shortage. “A full, it’s three weeks. I have time to see “. She still “scolded a woman in front of me filling a jerrycan. She told me she was down a little further. but she also filled the tank of her car … It took her twenty minutes. Result, it’s been an hour that I wait.

While waiting for his turn, Melanie Pellegrino, observes. “No doubt the fear of missing. Every strike notice is the same. ” She is dry. I have to go to work on Monday. ” At the next pump, Alain Hebre, de Ruelle, blames himself a little. “I just chose the wrong moment.”

But despite the slow flow at the pumps for technical reasons and probably a simultaneous distribution overload, most motorists have not only supplements, but complete full. Except those who have lost patience. “I’ll be back on Monday,” says one of them confidently …

But there is also the context. Other supermarkets, such as the Intermarché de Ruelle or Champniers, have also been stormed. It’s really not an ordinary Saturday.

In the queue, at Leclerc, Patrick Cardona is filling his Peugeot Rifter. “I was dry, but I also refuel because I fear the blockage, this week that looks difficult”. The pensioner lives in Vouzan, there is no station nearby. His grandchildren are in Angoulême. “In the countryside, you can not do without a vehicle. There is no public transportation. We are stuck. I can not afford to stay dry. “

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