Fuel Prices: Pump Rebates Will End on December 31st

Fuel Prices: Pump Rebates Will End on December 31st 1

FUELS: Public aid of 100 euros, intended for the most modest transported workers, will be available on 16th January

As announced for several months, the rebates on fuel prices from the government and TotalEnergies will end on December 31 at midnight. The price of petrol and diesel will therefore increase mechanically in service stations, reports BFMTV.

Concretely, from the 1st January 2023, prices at the pump will increase by 20 cents per litre at TotalEnergies stations and by 10 cents per litre at all the others. The frequentation of petrol stations could increase during the last days of 2022.

Any other giveaways?

These discounts had already been reduced by 20 cents by the State and 10 cents by TotalEnergies in November. Originally, these reductions were to end that month, but the context of shortages and inflation had prompted decision-makers to extend their discounts.

To compensate for these mechanical increases, the State will launch on January 16th the next aid intended for the most modest conveyed assets. This cheque for 100 euros will be available to any worker with a car and whose reference tax income (RFR) is less than 14,700 euros over the year. The aid concerns all types of motorized vehicles.

Other initiatives could also emerge. For the time being, TotalEnergies has not indicated whether it will renew its rebate, while fuel prices, currently falling, could increase again at the start of 2023. The E. Leclerc brands could relaunch their “fuel at cost price” already organized last summer.

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