The parking ticket authorized until 16 August in Nantes

Nantes: Motorist Pays € 2 to Park for Free until 16th August

By paying 2 € for a stamp on Wednesday, a motorist has permission to park his car until August 16 on the l’île de Nantes. Parking is free until 15th August. But the driver did not know. The machine has therefore shifted the time allowed therefore, rather than refund the charge. With the 2 euros payed into the […]

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This Thursday, could see the return of the air pollution in Paris

Paris: Return of the Pollution (but not the Alternating Traffic)

POLLUTION: A return of the air pollution in Paris looks set for Thursday, public transport and carpooling encouraged … In Paris, a new air pollution episode is never far away. Twice in December, the alternating traffic system had been set up following pollution peaks. On Thursday, it is scheduled for another air pollution episode.  In fact, […]

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FFMC event in Nantes, bikers protest against fines for motorcycles parked outside placeholders.

Nantes: € 35 Fine for Improperly Parked Bikes, Bikers Protest

This morning, at the call of the French federation motorized two-wheelers (FFMC), bikers protest outside of Nantes town hall. They are protesting against the fines recieved by motorcycles that are not parked in the allocated spots appointed by the City. The fine is 35 €. “We have evidence (a dozen), showing, photo support, as PV were inflicted when parking was […]

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