Nantes: € 35 Fine for Improperly Parked Bikes, Bikers Protest

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FFMC event in Nantes, bikers protest against fines for motorcycles parked outside placeholders.

This morning, at the call of the French federation motorized two-wheelers (FFMC), bikers protest outside of Nantes town hall. They are protesting against the fines recieved by motorcycles that are not parked in the allocated spots appointed by the City. The fine is 35 €.

“We have evidence (a dozen), showing, photo support, as PV were inflicted when parking was not a problem. We have never been against the verbalization of motorbikes parked badly but we systematically revolt today “ , said Pascale Boutet, a member of the FFMC 44.

Formerly, tolerance prevailed. Since the community has set up specific spaces for motorbikes in the city center of Nantes, she warned that she would be more intransigent with regard to the parking of motorcycles. Bikers protest. “Dedicated places, there will never be enough. We can not park anywhere, moreover some are not functional at all. So why not continue to trust us?

Bikers have made an appointment this morning in the square outside the prefecture for a parade in the neighborhood and symbolic action in front of City Hall. They each lay a letter addressed to the mayor to ask for a map (preferably plastic) authorized parking places. Nantes elected two planned to receive next Wednesday.

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