Nantes: Motorist Pays € 2 to Park for Free until 16th August

Local News
The parking ticket authorized until 16 August in Nantes

By paying 2 € for a stamp on Wednesday, a motorist has permission to park his car until August 16 on the l’île de Nantes. Parking is free until 15th August. But the driver did not know. The machine has therefore shifted the time allowed therefore, rather than refund the charge.

With the 2 euros payed into the pay and display machine, The motorist from the Vendée came to spend a few hours on the île de Nantes on Wednesday. Arriving at the pay and display parking area at 5.27pm, they did not realize that it was free to park until the 15th August, and the ticket had authorized them to to park until the 10.25 am on the 16th August. Surprise! Parking is free made until 15th August . Except that no mention was made on the machine, which has shifted accordingly, the time allowed for parking.

For the valuable information you need is to just press the button before inserting any money. Not after. In this case, the money is not returned. So, it is expensive free parking instead.

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