Vannes. For the Year-End, Free Parking in the City Centre

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Free parking in Vannes at the end of the year
Free parking in Vannes at the end of the year
From November 23 to January 23 parking lots with parking meters managed by the city will be free from 5pm till7pm. | Patrick Croguennec

From November 23 to January 23, parking will be free from 5 pm to 7 pm. Please note, Vinci car parks are not affected.

“We had a good return of customers who had enjoyed the extent of the city. “François Gaucher, president of the Federation of Heart Valves traders do not hide his satisfaction at the municipality this year renew the operation launched last year for the first time in Vannes: free parking in downtown from 5pm to 7pm.

Thus, for two months – from November 23 to January 23 – motorists will have free access to all 2,000 parking spaces with parking meter parking managed by the City in the centre.

“Reclaiming parking”

So beware, the Vinci car parks are not affected by this operation. To allow users to not pay unnecessarily, green cards are also affixed to the parking meters. “This is an initiative that has a cost of several thousand euros for the city,” admits François Ars, deputy mayor in charge of public spaces and travel. “But this is a desire on our part to help the trade centre during the Christmas period and balances. “

And “it allows not only locals but also customers from surrounding towns to reclaim the city centre of  Vannes and its car parks” comments Odile Monnet, Deputy Mayor in charge of trade, crafts and the city centre.  Furthermore, businesses will be open on Sundays the 13th and 20th December, with the usual opening times and these two days, the parking will be free … all day.

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