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Rennes: 70% of Drivers Cheat Parking

Often one complains of too many fines. According to environmentalists elected in Rennes, only one motorist in seven puts coins in the parking meter. A shortfall for the City.

Earlier in the week, at the city council meeting, Matthew Theurier, the leader of environmentalists elected, suggested some new ideas to find some solutions for the city, and amongst one of them was the fight against fraud to the parking fee!

The equivalent of 6.5 million euros

According to him, this fraud has reached 70% in the city of Rennes. “We are losing each year 6.5 million euros, the equivalent of the decrease in government grants. “

Double the amount of the fine?

The environmental group expects is waiting for 2018, the date from which the mayors will set their own fines.  Matthew Theurier squarely proposes to double the amount of the fine for evading paying at the parking meter, which would increase from the current € 17 to € 35. “The current fine is not enough deterrent. Many motorists do the maths, they prefer not to pay for parking because they are winners, even if they are caught.

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