Paris: Return of the Pollution (but not the Alternating Traffic)

Local News
This Thursday, could see the return of the air pollution in Paris

POLLUTION: A return of the air pollution in Paris looks set for Thursday, public transport and carpooling encouraged …

In Paris, a new air pollution episode is never far away. Twice in December, the alternating traffic system had been set up following pollution peaks. On Thursday, it is scheduled for another air pollution episode.  In fact, the city of Paris announced free residential parking on Thursday.

Public transport and carpooling encouraged

Airparif, the air quality monitoring association in Paris, “anticipates tomorrow a new episode of air pollution particles, resulting in the outbreak of the public information process,” said the city in a statement.

“Depending on developments in the coming days, other complementary measures may be taken: free Autolib ‘Velib’, etc. “The statement said. “The City of Paris called all Parisians to follow prevention messages and adapt their behaviors, primarily via public transportation networks, carpooling or the use of low emission vehicles. “

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