The 47-year-old immediately lost his driving license in the Manche

Manche: Caught Speeding, 49 km/h over the Speed Limit

ROAS SAFETY: On the 14th May, shortly before noon, a 47-year-old man was arrested by the Avranches Rapid Intervention Brigade. He was driving 49 km/h over the limit. On Tuesday 14th May, at 11.35 am in the Manche department (Normandy), the Avranches Rapid Intervention Brigade team intercepted a 47-year-old motorist travelling at 159 km/h for a speed limit of 110 km/h. The […]

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New event in sight in Caen (Calvados), Saturday, May 11, 2019, for the Yellow Vests. They announce a new march outside the perimeter prohibited by the prefecture.

Yellow Vests Returning to the Centre of Caen for Act 26

New event in sight in Caen (Calvados), Saturday 11th May, 2019, for the Yellow Vests. They announce a new march outside the perimeter prohibited by the prefecture. After moving away from the city center of Caen (Calvados) for Act 25, the Yellow Vests will return Saturday 11th May, 2019. Not in the hyper-center in principle, since they are deprived because […]

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Two gendarmes near Evreux in the Eure were slightly injured in a road traffic accident.

Near Evreux, a Van Hits a Car of the Gendarmerie: Two Wounded Gendarmes

In Bonneville-sur-Iton, near Evreux (Eure), a van hit a police vehicle on Tuesday 7th May, 2019. Two gendarmes were slightly injured. On Tuesday 7th May, 2019, at 11.20 pm, a van hit a police vehicle on rue Jorel in Bonneville-sur-Iton , near Évreux (Eure) , before fleeing. Two minor injuries Two gendarmes, a 38-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman, were slightly injured and transported to the […]

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A chainsaw accident caused a death in the Eure, Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

Serious Chainsaw Accident in the Eure: A Man Dead

A chainsaw accident caused a death, Tuesday 7th May, 2019, in the Eure. A 48-year-old man was found in a forest by relief workers in Mézières-en-Vexin (Eure). Details. Tuesday 7th May, 2019, around 8pm, firefighters have found a man died in a forest in Mezieres-en-Vexin , near Gaillon , in the Eure . An open investigation The 48-year-old man was killed in a […]

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Weather warning for strong winds from the West

Weather: Strong Winds from the West this Afternoon to Thursday Morning

A weather disturbance, coming from off the Atlantic, this Wednesday at the end of the day in the immediate vicinity of Brittany, before continuing its way towards the North-East. Strong wind, sustained rains and gusts to 100 km/h will thus concern the west of the country, from Finistere South to the Gironde, until Thursday. It will […]

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D-Day: Goodwood Committee prepares June 7 ceremony in Banneville-la-Campagne

D-Day: Goodwood Committee Prepares June 7th Ceremony in Banneville-la-Campagne

The Goodwood Committee is organizing a ceremony on June 7 at the Banneville-la-Campagne cemetery, east of Caen, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day. In a month or so will take place the ceremonies on the occasion of the anniversary of the Landing of 1944 . The Goodwood Committee chaired by Didier Bellanger undertook to participate […]

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More than 100 positions are available in the Armatis call center in Caen.

More than 100 Jobs Available at Armatis, in Caen

The Armatis call center, located near the University Hospital of Caen (Calvados), already employs 750 people. It plans to recruit more than 100 call centers before the start of the fall. The Armatis call center, located near the University Hospital of Caen ( Calvados ), already employs 750 people. It plans to recruit more than 100 call centers before the start […]

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May is the season of boot sales. Here is a non exhaustive list of the fairs with everything in Caen and the surrounding area.

MAP: The Boot Sales in Caen and Surrounding Area of Early May

Sunday 5th and Wednesday 8th May, 2019, boot sales and fairs are organized in Caen (Calvados) and in the surrounding area. Here’s a map so you do not miss anything. The month of May is the time to do good business and bargain in various boot sales and fairs at everything organized in Caen (Calvados) and in the surrounding area […]

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Yellow Vests on the roundabouts of Caen

In Caen, the Yellow Vests Take the Roundabouts and Build Notre-Dame des droits

In Caen and the surrounding area, Yellow Vests have taken some roundabouts with a spectacular operation: the construction of a small replica of Notre-Dame. As announced the Yellow Vests have taken roundabouts in Caen (Calvados) and in its agglomeration. The mobilization is certainly not as big as hoped for with about more than 200 protesters in all, but […]

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Saturday, May 4, 2019, two accidents occurred on the ring road of Caen.

Two Accidents on the Caen Ring Road: The Traffic is Disrupted

Two accidents took place on the ring road of Caen on Saturday 4th May. No Injuries, just damage to vehicles with consequences on traffic. Two road accidents occurred on the morning of Saturday 4th May, 2019 on the ring road of Caen (Calvados). The first occurred around 9.30 am on the South ring road. It involved a light vehicle […]

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