Weather for this Friday in the Manche: A Little Sun, A Lot of Clouds, A Lot of Rain …

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Grayness, rain and a few blue sky gaps on the program today in the Manche

We will have to make a point, because the rain settles in the Manche from this Friday 24th July, and she intends to spend the weekend there …

Well … it seems that the sun, despite a good attempt yesterday, has finally decided to go and show itself elsewhere …

On the program for this Friday 24th July, overcast and grey skies from dawn. According to the latest forecast from Meteo France, low morning clouds are numerous and drop light rain or drizzle.

In the afternoon, under the effect of a small increase in pressure, these clouds break up, opening the sky to beautiful clearings, but also to rare showers.

The sky recovers from the west in the evening, as a new disturbance approaches.

The wind is weak to moderate from west to north-west and maximum temperatures are slightly lower, from 19 to 24 degrees from Cotentin to Mortain.

The sun has nevertheless risen at 6.27 am and will set at 9.58 pm.

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