A Truck Loses 500 kg of Industrial Waste While Avoiding an Accident, Near Rouen

Local News
The firefighters intervened for a truck which lost its load in Belbeuf near Rouen, Friday, 6th November 2020

A truck left the road to avoid a car, Friday, 6th November 2020, in Belbeuf near Rouen (Seine-Maritime). He lost 500 kilos of his load.

truck braked urgently and thus lost control on the road from Paris to Belbeuf near Rouen (Seine-Maritime), Friday 6th November 2020. 500 kg of mud, from industrial waste, spilt on the road. There were no injuries.

Traffic difficulties

The accident happened around noon on Friday. According to the firefighters, the driver wanted to avoid a motorist who gave him a priority. The truck ended its journey on the side, dumping part of the 28 tonnes of its load on the track. According to emergency services, there is no risk of pollution. The intervention lasted nearly three hours, causing significant circulation difficulties

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