A car of the Municipal Police in Chateaubriant was vandalised

A car of the Municipal Police Vandalised in Chateaubriant

After a damaged vehicle of the municipal police in Chateaubriant, two 16 year olds were sentenced to judicial review. On the afternoon of Friday 4th November, a young man enters a school and steals a jerrican of gasoline. He was arrested. His accomplices, hiding in their neighborhood near the hospital, expecting to see the gendarmerie. They then […]

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The Mayor of Nantes dismisses the idea of arming the Police

Nantes: The Mayor Refuses to Arm the Municipal Police

Sought on Friday at the City Council meeting of Nantes, by right-wing opposition to arming the municipal police, Johanna Rolland has rejected the idea, claiming it to be “unfavorable”. As on many subjects, at the city council meeting on Friday, the right wing opposition and the centre put the question of arming the municipal police […]

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The municipal police in Bordeaux are to be issued with tazers

Bordeaux: The Municipal Police will be Equipped with Tasers

SAFETY: Alain Juppe to present on Monday afternoon the new equipment and its new police mission … The mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppe, is to present this early Monday afternoon the new equipment and new municipal policing. We already know that it will be equipped with Tasers, new-generation body armour and tear gas are widespread. Tasers, […]

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