A car of the Municipal Police Vandalised in Chateaubriant

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A car of the Municipal Police in Chateaubriant was vandalised

After a damaged vehicle of the municipal police in Chateaubriant, two 16 year olds were sentenced to judicial review.

On the afternoon of Friday 4th November, a young man enters a school and steals a jerrican of gasoline. He was arrested. His accomplices, hiding in their neighborhood near the hospital, expecting to see the gendarmerie. They then noticed a municipal police vehicle parked in the parking lot of the hospital. They break five windows of the van.

Having identified three individuals, the gendarmerie then arrest them on Saturday morning and put them in custody. After investigations, the youngest, aged 15, is released. The other two were presented to the judge on the morning of Sunday 6th November.

They were sentenced to judicial review. They were both given a curfew between 9 pm and 6 am and the obligation to follow a formal education.  Both are forbidden to see each other and to see their accomplices.

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