Police hit by a Moped at Nozay

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Police officer in Nozay hit by Moped in Nozay
Police officer in Nozay hit by Moped in Nozay
The municipal police of Nozay was transported in shock in the hospital after being “deliberately hit” by a moped, this Thursday, October 22, around 17 pm. | Franck Dubray

Thursday evening, the police are looking for two youths suspected of deliberately knocking over an officer of the municipal police in Nozay. They then fled.

The incident occurred on Thursday, 22 October 2015, at 5 pm, near the municipal workshops, in Tardivière street in Nozay where the municipal police of the municipality was trying to control traffic.  The youths, hit the officer, a mother of two, with their moped.  The officer went to the hospital in Châteaubriant as a precaution, as she was suffering from shock.

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