Bordeaux: The Municipal Police will be Equipped with Tasers

Local News
The municipal police in Bordeaux are to be issued with tazers

SAFETY: Alain Juppe to present on Monday afternoon the new equipment and its new police mission …

The mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppe, is to present this early Monday afternoon the new equipment and new municipal policing. We already know that it will be equipped with Tasers, new-generation body armour and tear gas are widespread.

“That was the subject of deliberation by the municipal council, said Mathhieu Rouveyre opposition municipal councilor (PS). For the rest, it is not included in the agenda of city council, so we expect the communication from the mayor on this topic. That said, I’ve got to tell my hostility to Tasers, compared the number of deaths that could have caused the United States , “said the one.

Matthew Rouveyre also questions the need for this equipment. “In Bordeaux, we have no observation on the number of police officers in danger. It seems to me that these facilities are disproportionate. ”

These new facilities were part of the claims of the profession but the socialist elected assures not to have heard, so far.

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