Yellow Vests: Toll Roads Blocked at Toulouse-Nord, the A62 Completely Closed

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Yellow vests block the A62 Motorway at Toulouse

The A62 motorway was completely closed at the toll of Toulouse-North, Monday 14th January, 2019 in the morning, because of a demonstration of yellow vests.

Around 7 am, Monday 14th January, 2019, the A62 motorway was completely cut, in both directions of traffic, near Toulouse .

The yellow vests occupy the toll of Toulouse-Nord, near Sesquières, from about 10pm on Sunday 13th January. Several hundred trucks were stuck on Sunday night. For the cars, at first, it was a filter dam, but it turned to total block Monday morning.

The A62 motorway closed in both directions

The A62 was completely closed around 7 am, according to the gendarmerie of Haute-Garonne. This is a prefectural decree . Vinci Autoroutes specifies that access to the highway is prohibited in both directions of traffic.

The prefecture of Haute-Garonne specifies:

“A gathering of one hundred yellow vests is currently organised on the A62 motorway network, at the tollbooth of Toulouse-Nord, by carrying out filtering dams of vehicles and a blockage of heavy goods vehicles. This gathering has important consequences on the traffic conditions on this motorway axis.”

The prefect said he had decided to forbid access to the A62 to all vehicles “in order to limit the effects of traffic disruptions on the traffic lanes and to improve safety conditions”.

Paralyzed traffic on the ring road

Immediate consequence of this action of yellow vests at rush hour and a rainy day: the Toulouse ring road is totally congested, even before 8am this morning.

Deviations set up

For motorists who go to Toulouse from Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne) or Agen (Lot-et-Garonne), Vinci Autoroutes specifies that a deviation has been set up, with mandatory exit  at Saint-Jory ( junction 11). In the direction Toulouse-Bordeaux, deviations are proposed from the ring road of Toulouse.

They want to “undermine the logistics of the country”

At the toll of Sesquières, many yellow vests block “about 500 trucks” according to one of them. All night, protesters took turns there, erecting roadblocks, with lights of pallets and tires on the road. It has been several days since the Yellow Vests of Toulouse had warned on the social networks of their will to set up a “blocking the economy” operation. Determined to “block trucks to undermine the logistics of the country,” they met Sunday night in Basso Cambo, where they decided to lead the action in Sesquières.

An action on the A66 in Ariège
On the side of the Ariège , the toll of Pamiers on the A66 , is also occupied by yellow vests, Monday morning, where trucks are there too blocked.

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