A hunting accident occurred in the Gers, near Marciac.

A Hunter Seriously Wounded by a Bullet During a Wild Boar Hunt in the Gers

Sunday 30th December, 2018, a man who participated in a wild boar hunt in the Gers was seriously wounded by a bullet and was evacuated by helicopter to the hospital of Tarbes. Sunday, December 30, 2018, around 16 hours, firefighters Gers intervened in the town of Juillac , near Marciac , following a hunting accident . Seriously injured by a shot […]

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The mountain biker took a bullet in the shoulder while driving in the Mirepoix sector (Ariège)

Another Hunting Accident: A Mountain Biker Seriously Injured in Ariège

A mountain biker was shot by a hunter on Sunday 21st October, 2018 in Mirepoix (Ariège), where a wild boar hunt was held. Seriously injured, he was hospitalised in Toulouse. Another hunting accident in the region. It was eleven o’clock, Sunday, October 21, 2018, when a mountain biker was seriously wounded by the shot of a hunting […]

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Hunting: The Price of the National Permit will Drop from 400 to 200 Euros 1

Hunting: The Price of the National Permit will Drop from 400 to 200 Euros

Emmanuel Macron said he was in favour of lowering the price of the national hunting license, from 400 to 200 euros. A measure to attract more young people. The national hunting license should increase from 400 to 200 euros. This drop in the price of the license is part of a reform of hunting announced by Emmanuel Macron, as reported by Le […]

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Several roads around Rouen will be closed on Sunday for Wild Boar Hunting

Rouen: Closure of Several Roads on Sunday to Hunt Wild Boars

An “administrative operation regulating wild boar” is organised Sunday 8th April, 2018, on Hauts de Rouen (Seine-Maritime), requiring the closure of roads. Details Wild boars are hunted down . Sunday, April 8, an “administrative beat of regulation on the wild boar species” is organized in the area of Hauts de Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Wild boars causing accidents The prefecture of […]

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Hunting Watch Towers in the Haut-Rhin are being Sabotaged

Haut-Rhin: Sabotage of Hunting Watchtowers Multiply

ANTI-HUNTING: Hunters are tired of seeing their destroyed towers one after the other … Who likes to sabotage the watchtowers hunters Sundgau? The president of the federation of hunters of the Upper Rhine , Gilles Kaszuk, is raised and expressed his anger at France 3 . Bars of sawn ladders, fallen towers, everything goes. A motorcyclist was sighted near structures, but no […]

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In Averyon, a hunter killed a woman in her garden

Aveyron: A Woman Killed in her Garden by a Hunter

On Saturday afternoon, believing to be aiming at a deer, a hunter shot through a hedge at Taussac (Aveyron) and killed a woman who was in her garden. The hunter thought about reaching a deer. But he killed a woman who was in her garden. The incident occurred in Taussac, to the north of Aveyron, on Saturday 14th October 14, at […]

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The Child "Seriously Wounded" in the Hunt in the Var is Safe

Var: The Child “Seriously Wounded” in the Hunt is Safe

The child seriously injured during a hunt on Sunday near Collobrières (Var) should be able to leave the hospital within two days if there are no complications. This was stated on Monday, an official of the Var hunting federation. “There were one or two broken ribs and a lung lobe affected. It will be released from the […]

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A teenager killed at the opening of hunting in Vendee

A Teenager Killed at the Opening of Hunting in Vendee

Dramatic accident in Vendée, Sunday morning, the first day of the new hunting season. A 13 year old boy was the victim of a gunshot to the head. Transported in serious condition in Nantes, he died of his injuries. A 13 year old boy died from a gunshot to the head, fired by his grandfather, Sunday morning […]

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One child of 11 years is between life and death in the Var, a victim of a hunting accident, when shot.

Var: A Child “Seriously Wounded” in Hunting Accident

One child of 11 years is between life and death in the Var, a victim of a hunting accident, when shot. One child was “critically injured”, his father more lightly on Sunday morning by a projectile while hunters were a shooting in Collobrières (Var). The prognosis of the child, 11 years old and “very seriously wounded in […]

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The wild boar, shot by the hunter, recovers to charge the hunter

Sarthe: A Hunter in a Coma after being Charged by a Wild Boar

HUNTING: The victim had just opened fire and injured the wild boar … The hunting party turned Sunday into a drama at Soulitré near Le Mans (Sarthe). A group of hunters was in the forest of the village when, at around 1pm, one of them opened fire on a wild boar. Although the boar was injured, the […]

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