Rouen: Closure of Several Roads on Sunday to Hunt Wild Boars

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Several roads around Rouen will be closed on Sunday for Wild Boar Hunting

An “administrative operation regulating wild boar” is organised Sunday 8th April, 2018, on Hauts de Rouen (Seine-Maritime), requiring the closure of roads. Details

Wild boars are hunted down . Sunday, April 8, an “administrative beat of regulation on the wild boar species” is organized in the area of Hauts de Rouen (Seine-Maritime).

Wild boars causing accidents

The prefecture of Seine-Maritime specifies:

“This operation, which will be under the responsibility of the Lieutenant of the louveterie of the district, is aimed at the removal of wild boar from the urban refuge areas in which they settled, and the reduction in the number of animals, at the origin of several road accidents and recurrent damage to infrastructure. ”

The operation requires the closure of several roads in both directions from 7.30am to 1pm. The axes concerned: the A28, the coast of Lombardy, the avenue of the Grand-Mare and the tunnel of the

Walkers invited to avoid places

Specific signage and alternative routes will be put in place. In addition, walkers are asked to “not circulate in the perimeter of the battue during this period”.

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