Hunting in Loire-Atlantique: A Lost Bullet Found in a Car

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During this fight, the safety distances were not respected, recognizes the ACCA president of Nort-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique).

Sunday 17th November 2019, a lost bullet, shot by a hunter, was found in the door of a car, parked in a hamlet in Nort-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique).

Fortunately, the incident did not hurt anyone. Sunday 17th November 2019, a resident of the hamlet of Gorion in Nort-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique) , was surprised to discover in the back door of his car, parked along the wall of his house, a bullet.

This one had been pulled a few seconds earlier by a hunter, in full swing in the neighbouring wood.

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Failure to respect safety distances

“On Sunday morning, two or more hunters fired on a wild boar,” said Michel Lebacle, president of the Community Hunting Association (ACCA) . The latter was stuck in a broncier. ”

Problem: The safety distances – which require hunters not to shoot within 150 meters of houses – were “not respected” at the time of the events.

Michel Lebacle emphasizes:

“It’s true that this is a hunting incident . Hunters do not control each other, I am aware of it. In this case, these hunters [ACCA members, ed.] Did not respect the limits because they knew the wood well. But, if it had not been for the car, the ball would have hit the gable of the house and no one would have noticed it. “

A pony targeted by a shot?

If the owner of the vehicle deposited a handrail with the municipal police, the association, it, chose not to do it:

“We went to gendarmerie, but that, especially the ballistics, did not seem to interest the gendarmes. “

The president intends, however, to make a “call to order” with the hunters concerned, who “will make their insurance work”.

The week before, it was a pony from the town who was shot in the head. 

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