Haut-Rhin: Sabotage of Hunting Watchtowers Multiply

Local News
Hunting Watch Towers in the Haut-Rhin are being Sabotaged

ANTI-HUNTING: Hunters are tired of seeing their destroyed towers one after the other …

Who likes to sabotage the watchtowers hunters Sundgau? The president of the federation of hunters of the Upper Rhine , Gilles Kaszuk, is raised and expressed his anger at France 3 . Bars of sawn ladders, fallen towers, everything goes. A motorcyclist was sighted near structures, but no plate could be identified.


“For two years in the Sundgau, along the Swiss border, there is a systematic destruction of the towers, explains Gilles Kaszuk. they are sawn and sabotaged in order to bring down the rising there. This is not only a deterioration of private property is a crime. ”

Acts on the rise around Bouxwiller, Bettlach, Oltingue and Winkel according to France Bleu Alsace .

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