Hunting Accident near Rouen: A Man Shot in the Eye while Mowing his Lawn

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Hunting accident near Rouen

A hunting accident occurred in Quincampoix near Rouen, Thursday 14th November around 3pm. A man was shot in the left eye as he mowed his lawn. Details.

The hunting accident could have been dramatic. A man who was mowing his lawn in Quincampoix near Rouen (Seine-Maritime) was injured in the eye following a gunshot wound on Thursday 14th November, 2019.

The hunter stayed near the victim

In the middle of the afternoon, around 3 pm, on Thursday, a man in his fifties is mowing his lawn on rue des Hauts Champs in Quincampoix. “He then received fallout from a shot at the level of his left eye,” said a judicial source.

The man was wounded, fortunately without gravity.

He had a red dot without bleeding, not requiring rescue, said the same source.

When the gendarmes intervened, the hunter was present next to the victim. The circumstances of this accident remain to be determined. The checks made with the hunter showed that the hunter was in good standing.

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