The French electro group, Daft Punk announce their seperation

Daft Punk Announces their Separation with “Epilogue”

END: In this video of more than seven minutes, the famous electro duo, Daft Punk stages their explosion A page turns for Daft Punk. In a long video published on Monday, titled Epilogue, the duo seems to have simply announced their separation. Extracted from their feature film Electromoma (2006), according to , the sequence features the explosion of one of the two members, […]

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Capture of an extract from Julien Doré - La Fièvre.

La Fièvre: Julien Doré Releases a New Album Tinged with Ecology

MISSING PLANET: The clip “La Fièvre” poetically expresses the ecological emergency, which has become central   It had been two years since we last saw him release an album, and here it is:  Julien Doré put La Fièvre on us, with a title and a clip of the same name. Not in NTM fashion , no, but in a poetic and pop way, […]

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Philippe "Zdar", member of the electro duo Cassius is dead

Philippe “Zdar” Cerboneschi, Member of the Electro Duo Cassius is Dead

Philippe Cerboneschi, known as “Zdar”, a member of the Cassius duo, pioneer of the French Touch of Electro, accidentally died of a fall from a building on Wednesday 19th June 2019. Philippe Cerboneschi, known as ” Zdar “, member of the Cassius duo, pioneer of the French Touch of electro, accidentally died from a fall of a Parisian building, Wednesday 19th June […]

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Booba (left) on May 19, 2014 in Cannes, and Kaaris on March 25, 2015 in Paris.

Booba Announces Boxing Bout against Kaaris in April in Brussels

Rapper Booba has announced for April 5 in Brussels a boxing fight against rival Kaaris, with “300,000 euros guaranteed” to the key, Thursday night on social networks “#Octogone on April 05 in Brussels at Palais 12 (18,000 people) heavy-light category,” wrote Booba on his Instagram account. He accompanied this message with a video where we see him […]

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Vanessa Paradis releases new album

Vanessa Paradis: “Les Sources”, A New Bright and Festive Album

Vanessa Paradis releases this Friday her 7th album, mixing pop and soul, essentially written by her husband Samuel Benchetrit. “I wanted something solar, warm, that feels good”. Vanessa Paradis has returned to “the sources” of music that has always thrilled her, between pop 60’s and soul 70’s, for her new album to be released on Friday. What is […]

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The posthumous album of Johnny Hallyday photographed on October 15, 2018 in Paris.

Johnny’s Fans Ready to Light the Fire for his Ultimate Album

The posthumous album of Johnny Hallyday is released in the night from Thursday to Friday, at midnight.The fans are ready to rush on the album of the year. Everything but an abandoned singer: thousands of fans from all over France are preparing to rush, for some from midnight on Thursday, on the posthumous album of Johnny, […]

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Singer Charles Aznavour has died

The Singer Charles Aznavour Died at the Age of 94

Of Armenian origin, French singer Charles Aznavour died on Monday 1st October, 2018 at the age of 94 years One who could be considered the greatest pop singer of the XX th century passed away. Charles Aznavour , whose real name is Shahnourh Varinag Aznavouria, was 94 years old . He leaves behind five children  : Seda, Mischa, Katia, Nicolas, Patrick and his last wife […]

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New Johnny Hallyday album will be released on October 19th

Johnny Hallyday: His Posthumous Album will be Released on October 19th

The posthumous album of rock star Johnny Hallyday, who died in December 2017, will be released on October 19th, production company Warner France announced on Thursday. He is at the center of the legal battle between Laeticia and Hallyday children. The posthumous album of the famous singer Johnny Hallyday will be released on October 19th. This was announced […]

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The singer Renaud, was hospitalised for several days

Renaud was Hospitalized in Northern France

MUSIC: It would be in an institution kept secret … Renaud was “trying to solve problems.” The singer was hospitalized for several days in northern France, while residing in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (Vaucluse), announces the  Dauphine Libere on Monday. According to the newspaper quoting the entourage of the interpreter Mistral winner , it would be in an institution kept secret. A member of the […]

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The world of Culture express emotion over the death of France Gall

Death of France Gall: The World of Culture Expressed its Emotion

After the death of singer France Gall, personalities and institutions of world culture expressed their emotion. Jack Lang (statement to AFP): “France Gall, the little French song bride is gone Unforgettable. “L’inoubliable “Poupée de cire, poupée de son ” of Serge Gainsbourg and the muse of Michel Berger will we drawn into a whirlwind of melodies. […]

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