Booba Announces Boxing Bout against Kaaris in April in Brussels

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Booba (left) on May 19, 2014 in Cannes, and Kaaris on March 25, 2015 in Paris.

Rapper Booba has announced for April 5 in Brussels a boxing fight against rival Kaaris, with “300,000 euros guaranteed” to the key, Thursday night on social networks

“#Octogone on April 05 in Brussels at Palais 12 (18,000 people) heavy-light category,” wrote Booba on his Instagram account.

He accompanied this message with a video where we see him driving a vehicle say:

“Armand, you will receive the contract tomorrow by bailiff, signed by myself, at Universal, as you asked. (…) You’re a big shit! Your only way out is the fight. 300,000 euros guaranteed. Guaranteed! It’s the minimum. So you play, brother”

Brother enemies of French rap after being close, Booba and Kaaris were sentenced in early October to 18 months in prison suspended for their resounding brawl at the Paris airport in Orly in August. They had followed three weeks of pre-trial detention.

A hearing is scheduled for the 17th January to determine damages, the fight causing damage estimated at 50,000 euros.

Since the “Battle of Orly”, the two fathers of the Ile de France have continued to spear in the tradition of rap clash, and have agreed to fight with their bare hands to settle their dispute.

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