Daft Punk Announces their Separation with “Epilogue”

The French electro group, Daft Punk announce their seperation

END: In this video of more than seven minutes, the famous electro duo, Daft Punk stages their explosion

A page turns for Daft PunkIn a long video published on Monday, titled Epilogue, the duo seems to have simply announced their separation. Extracted from their feature film Electromoma (2006), according to  linternaute.com , the sequence features the explosion of one of the two members, punctuated by the epitaph “1993-2021”.

The sad news confirmed by their agent Kathryn Frazier with Pitchfork.com  and AFP. However, she did not give the reason for this separation.

“French Touch”

Formed by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in 1993, Daft Punk had a worldwide success from the end of the 1990s with the titles Around The World and One More Time .

In twenty-eight years, the flagship electro group of the French Touch has released four albums, including the last Random Access Memories in 2013. Since then, their many fans have constantly wondered when their new project would be released. A priority that it will never see the light of day.

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