La Fièvre: Julien Doré Releases a New Album Tinged with Ecology

Music Video
Capture of an extract from Julien Doré - La Fièvre.

MISSING PLANET: The clip “La Fièvre” poetically expresses the ecological emergency, which has become central  

It had been two years since we last saw him release an album, and here it is:  Julien Doré put La Fièvre on us, with a title and a clip of the same name. Not in NTM fashion , no, but in a poetic and pop way, and kindly engaged.

On a few synth notes, and a high pitched voice, we see in the clip of Brice VDH a man whose head has been replaced by a terrestrial globe waddling while ironing, digging or taking a bubble bath.


“As long as there are a few shares, and there is a vacuum to go / They will go on the ice floes, spend a few summer months”, sings Julien Doré. And we understand little by little that this pretty terrestrial globe that looked so nice consumes anything, makes fun of helping hitchhikers, and that he wants to enjoy the beautiful terrestrial landscapes that surround his beautiful home without making the slightest effort to preserve the planet. Like a good individualist, like the island he inhabits.

“I see some of them swimming, towards what we have already sunk” … says the song again. But this is not the first time that Julien Doré has expressed his ecological commitment. In an interview to three years ago at the Tribune de Genève , he said this: “How can I tell myself that for thousands of reasons my generation will not take care of this nature for that of tomorrow, potentially for my children? How can I accept the idea of ​​not fighting so that what remains, lasts a little longer? We still have the opportunity to act to preserve it. ”

La Fièvre is one of Julien Doré’s ways of acting.

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