Philippe “Zdar” Cerboneschi, Member of the Electro Duo Cassius is Dead

Philippe "Zdar", member of the electro duo Cassius is dead

Philippe Cerboneschi, known as “Zdar”, a member of the Cassius duo, pioneer of the French Touch of Electro, accidentally died of a fall from a building on Wednesday 19th June 2019.

Philippe Cerboneschi, known as ” Zdar “, member of the Cassius duo, pioneer of the French Touch of electro, accidentally died from a fall of a Parisian building, Wednesday 19th June 2019 in the evening, announced to AFP his agent.

“He made an accidental fall, through the window of a high floor of a Parisian building,” said Sebastien Farran, without further details.

Pioneer of the French Touch

Since 1996, Philippe Cerboneschi has composed with Hubert Blanc-Francard the Cassius duet, which has become a fixture on the French electronic scene since the release of their first album “1999” released the same year and which mixed hip hop, house and funk.

They had met a few years earlier, when “Zdar” was already working as a sound engineer for artists like Serge Gainsbourg and had created Motorbass, the first duet with Etienne de Crécy .

Three more Cassius studio albums will follow: “Au rêve” in 2002, “15 Again” which marked a turn towards rock in 2006 with the single “Toop Toop” and “Ibifornia” in 2016.

Major actor of the French Touch, “Zdar” has also collaborated extensively with various artists, such as the Beastie Boys, Phoenix, The Rapture, Cat Power, Chrome, Tiga, M or Franz Ferdinand.

“His friends of his heart and heart join his family to testify to their infinite sadness. Tonight the music has lost a genius, “the statement added.

Philippe Cerboneschi was 50 years old.

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