French not happy with their Financial Situation

The French Estimate that they are Missing 897 Euros to Achieve “Financial well-being”, according to this survey

INCOME: Only 4 out of 10 French people are mentally comfortable with their financial situation Six out of ten French people are dissatisfied with their financial situation according to the Society and Consumption Observatory barometer published on March 29. Asked about their relationship with money for the online bank BforBank, two-thirds of respondents admitted that they regularly thought […]

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United States: Joe Biden's son announces that he is under investigation into his tax situation

United States: Joe Biden’s Son Announces That He is the Target of an Investigation into His Tax Situation

INVESTIGATION: Hunter Biden takes tax investigation “very seriously” Donald Trump often mentioned his name during the American presidential campaign. Hunter Biden, the son of US President-elect Joe Biden, announced Wednesday that he was the target of a federal investigation in the state of Delaware into his tax situation. 🔴Hunter Biden annonce qu’il est visé par une enquête des autorités du […]

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The aid of 150 euros extended to the beneficiaries of the APL and to the scholarship holders

Poverty Plan: The Aid of 150 Euros Extended to the Beneficiaries of the APL and Bursary Holders

Faced with the discontent of associations, Jean Castex retropédale and announces that “400,000 young people” will benefit from this aid We know a little more about the help that the government will provide in the fight against poverty. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the aid of 150 euros unveiled this week for the most precarious people would […]

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