United States: Joe Biden’s Son Announces That He is the Target of an Investigation into His Tax Situation

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United States: Joe Biden's son announces that he is under investigation into his tax situation

INVESTIGATION: Hunter Biden takes tax investigation “very seriously”

Donald Trump often mentioned his name during the American presidential campaignHunter Biden, the son of US President-elect Joe Biden, announced Wednesday that he was the target of a federal investigation in the state of Delaware into his tax situation.

“I take this very seriously and trust that a professional and objective review will show that I have managed my affairs in a legal and proper manner,” he commented in a statement.

“Vile personal attacks”

“President-elect Biden is extremely proud of his son, who has had to face terrible challenges, including vile personal attacks of the past few months, to come out of it ultimately strengthened,” Joe Biden’s transition team said in this report. same release.

The outgoing president during the campaign accused the Biden family of being a “criminal enterprise”, pointing in particular to the affairs of Hunter Biden in Ukraine and China when his father was vice president of Barack Obama (2009-2017 ). He accuses Joe Biden in particular of having obtained the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor to protect from prosecution for corruption a gas company, Burisma, of which his son was then sitting on the board of directors.

Mysterious laptop

Donald Trump returned to the charge after the publication in October of an article in the New York Post supposed to contain evidence of an intervention by Joe Biden on behalf of his son. The conservative tabloid claimed to have obtained a copy of a laptop hard drive that Hunter Biden allegedly left in a Delaware repair store and never recovered.

The store owner allegedly turned the computer over to the FBI after copying its contents. In one of the retrieved emails, dated 2015, a member of the management of the Burisma company would thank Hunter Biden for his “invitation to Washington” and “this opportunity to meet (his) father”, then vice president.

Donald Trump, during the last debate between the two men before the presidential election of November 3rd, attacked his Democratic opponent head-on about this subject, accusing him of having authorized his son to cash access to him. “I have never taken a cent from any foreign source in all my life,” defended Joe Biden, who has generally given few cases in recent months to a “smear campaign”, according to him.

Aged 50, Hunter Biden has long struggled with alcohol and drug addictions. Lawyer and lobbyist, he launched into finance in the 2000s with mixed success and ventured into China and Ukraine, a country riddled with corruption.

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