The Village People will be performing at Trélazé on the 24th August

Trélazé: Village People Concert at the Festival Estival

FESTIVAL ESTIVALE: Another exclusive for the free open air summer festivals at Trélazé, with the Village People performing on the 24th August A symbol of the 70s and a true icon of gay culture, this comic-looking boy band claims to have been invented “only for partying!” With over 100 million records sold, Village People is unquestionably one […]

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This Tuesday, August 21, 2018, discover the Argentine tango at Soho Urban Food restaurant in Lille

Lille: Free Initiation to the Argentine Tango on Tuesday

Tuesday 21st August, 2018, an Argentine tango class is scheduled at the restaurant Soho Urban Food in Lille (Nord). Details. Lille – Dance.  The association Moonlight Tango organizes a small introduction to Argentine tango this Tuesday 21st August, 2018 ! It will happen at Soho Urban Food in Lille (Nord) . In addition, it’s free … Alone or accompanied The association promises a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. So do […]

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The movie Babysitting 2 will be screened outdoors in Bray-Dunes (Nord) this Friday August 17, 2018.

Bray-Dunes: “Babysitting 2” Screened Outdoors this Friday

On Friday 17th August, 2018, the comedy Babysitting 2 will be screened outdoors in Bray-Dunes (Nord). Details. Movie. Released in 2015, the film Babysitting , directed by Philippe Lacheau , will be broadcast in Bray-Dunes (Nord) . The session will begin around 9:45 pm and the film will be shown outdoors in Rubben Square . Overview Sonia wishes to present Franck ( Philippe Lacheau ) to his father […]

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The company will stay a month and a half in the Montreux area in Sablé-sur-Sarthe

Sarthe: The Houlala Company Returns to Sablé-sur-Sarthe and recruits!

The Houlala Company returns to the Montreux district of Sablé-sur-Sarthe from August 21st to October 16th, 2018. The company Houlala returns to plant its marquee in the Montreux district in Sablé-sur-Sarthe from August 21 to October 16. For a month and a half, the animations will follow one another. Love and Madness , a free show organised […]

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Christian Prudhomme will be Guest of Honor at Pornichet Vtt on 15th August

Pornichet Mountain Bike Competition: Christian Prudhomme Guest of Honor

The director of the Tour de France is the guest of honor of this race held on Wednesday 15th August, in the town of Pornichet. Wednesday 15th August, will be held the “Rando VTT’Estivale” in Pornichet. For the 3rd  edition of this event organized by the association of traders of the Dauphin and Sports Committee, a […]

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Large boot sale and street market in Dieppe on the 15th August

Dieppe: Wednesday 15th August, Large Street Market

Wednesday 15th August, 2018, those looking for a good bargain, have an appointment in the town center of Dieppe for the big unpacking In Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), this Wednesday 15th August, 2018 from 7.30 am to 7 pm, as is now the tradition that traders unpack in front of their shops in the town centre: Grande-Rue, rue de la Barre […]

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The Grande Rubatée in Lajoux

Feast: the Grande Rubatée of the Summer in Lajoux Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August

Cross, games, meals, challenges, fireworks and conviviality are on the program of Lajoux’s popular summer party. In Lajoux, the Grande Rubatée of the summer is a big popular festival. It will begin Saturday 11th August at 10 pm by the evening with DJ. The presentation of the national identity card is mandatory. Free admission until 11 pm The […]

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Discover the works of Daniel Pontoreau at the H gallery of the Valenciennes Headquarters (North), from the beginning of September 2018.

Exhibition at Valenciennes: “The Floating Bodies” of Daniel Pontoreau at H headquarters

New exhibition Parcours in gallery H of the Valenciennes Headquarters (North) for the start of September 2018: the sculptor Daniel Pontereau presents “The Floating Bodies”. A new exhibition arrives for September 2018 , in gallery H  of the Valenciennes Headquarters (Nord) . Daniel Pontoreau will present “Les Corps flottants” , from Saturday 15th September to Saturday 24th November, 2018 . Reflection on space Daniel Pontoreau, invited by the association Birth Certificate […]

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Throughout the weekend, you will be able to taste different forms of yoga and art living in the context of the Nesoï Festival of Guidel near Lorient

Lorient: Yoga and Performing Arts Festival in Guidel

The Lorient association Nesoï organizes a festival mixing the practices of yoga to those of the living arts: a first in Brittany. The festival, organized by the Lorient association Nesoi in collaboration with the association guidéloise yoga and meditation Namasté, is planned on a day and a half. To share with family It will, on […]

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The vocal ensemble Piccolo Coro, directed by Lydie Crocetti, will perform Fauré's Requiem on Saturday, June 30 at Notre-Dame Collegiate in Normandy

Normandy: Fauré’s Requiem at the Andelys Collegiate Saturday 30th June

The collegiate Notre-Dame des Andelys in Normandy, will vibrate on Saturday 30th June. The singers from three vocal ensembles will perform Fauré’s Requiem and will be accompanied to the organ. The Requiem is probably the best-known work of the composer Gabriel Fauré . By his duties at the parish of the Madeleine in Paris between 1877 and 1905 (master of chapel […]

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