Toulouse: Giant Machines Land. When and Where to see the Famous Minotaur on our Streets

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The La Machine show was specially created for Toulouse

From Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th November 2018, the mechanical giants (including the famous Minotaur) of the Machine will parade through the streets of Toulouse. Day after day, here is where to see them.

From Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th November, 2018, the streets of Toulouse will be boiling. After years of waiting,  François Delarozière’s La Machine Company will present his show specially created for the Pink City, which includes The Guardian of the Temple (or Minotaur) , Astérion, and a Spider , Ariane.

The show will showcase these two monumental machines, the spider and the famous Minotaur , 14 meters high, made of steel, wood and leather and blowing water and fire. Together, they will reinterpret the myth of Ariane. 

Neighbourhoods become real theatre scenes

The Toulouse town hall indicates the contours of the event:

“Conceived in the form of an epic tale, the show will take place during four days of theatrical performance in the historic center of the city, whose neighbourhoods will turn for the occasion into real theatrical scenes. The first day will be the appearance of the machines. The following days, punctuated each of three scenes, will evolve the machines in the public space in the heart of the city: streets, squares, boulevards.”

For the occasion, the squares and streets of the city will turn into open-air theatre stages. A show that will result in various restrictions on city parking, traffic on the streets and the operation of public transportation.

A show and constraints

Free downtown shuttle traffic will be disrupted and  some buses will be diverted during  these four days. Tram traffic will be interrupted on Friday and Sunday until midday. Station Arènes will then become the temporary terminus of the tram. The  metro stations located on the route of the parade will be closed temporarily  during the passage of the parade.

On the show side, Le Gardien du Temple, which will drain tens of thousands of spectators in Toulouse, promises to be spectacular as possible. A promise kept as mysterious as possible by the company La Machine distilling and dribbling suggestions that what Toulouse (and others) should expect …

“Toulouse, labyrinth city”

Let the machine unveil, all in poetry, the scenario of the show:

Minotaur is not the one we believe. His home is a labyrinth that extends under the sea and the oceans. He travels the world through the galleries that connect the continents. In his solitary games, like fleeing a bad dream, Asterion decides to go out on the street. In the morning, asleep in the center of the pink city, the son of Pasiphae is ready to get lost in Toulouse, labyrinth city. The giant spider, daughter of Minos and Pasiphae, is the guardian of the labyrinth. She watches over Asterion since birth and goes out in turn. Protectress, she uses her magical powers to guide her half-brother to her future home to find solitude and tranquillity.

The complete show of the show

For four days, this scenario will be broken down into several acts and scenes that the company La Machine detailed in a document that will be distributed to 100,000 copies so that spectators can follow the story without following the entire parade announces the City From toulouse. Here is the detail :

Day 1: Thursday, November 1st. Prologue.

Act I, scene 1. The awakening of Ariane. From 6pm to 7pm at Hôtel-Dieu: Arianne wakes up at the edge of the river.

Day 2: Friday, November 2nd.

Act II, Scene 1. The Awakening of Astérion, from 9am to 12.30pm. “Ariane wakes up and goes to Asterion, she weaves the thread that will guide the Minotaur to his sacred time. She takes advantage of her sleep to enter the dreams of Asterion. She hides to attend the awakening of the colossus. Asterion wakes up, gets up and walks. He moves and enjoys these galleries still unexplored. It is lost in the narrow and monochrome streets of Toulouse.

Act II, scene 2. The Labyrinth, from 3pm to 4.30pm. “Asterion borrows the galleries. He continues his exploratory games. Tired, he falls asleep. Ariane explores the city with rigor. She lays the markers that will guide asterion to the temple of which he is the guardian.

Act II, Scene 3. The Sting, from 7pm to 8.30pm. “After a long walk, Astérion does not find his way, the galleries take him inexorably to the starting point. Tired, but peaceful, he falls asleep.Ariane takes advantage of the Minotaur’s sleep to sting it. Out of his torpor, Asterion utters a loud cry of pain. He collapses. Venom circulating in his veins, will be born the attributes that will allow Ariane to become his guide. She backs up, walks away and observes.e.

Day 3: Saturday, November 3rd.

Act III, scene 1. The breadcrumb trail from 10.30am to 12.30pm. “The Minotaur awakens as transformed … Finally master of his actions, he goes in search of his wings. He meets Ariane asleep, contemplates her without waking her and continues on her way. Alerted by her movements, the spinner awakes. She accompanies Astérion keeping his distance. She remains the guide who will lead him to his wings.

Act III, scene 2. Ariane, benevolent from 3pm to 5pm. ” Ariane scrutinizes Asterion. She wakes up and lends herself to the game of letting him pass. She knows that her wings, in favor of the blue moon, will appear tonight. She accompanies and prepares for it.

Act III, scene 3. The offering from 7.30pm to 8.30pm at the Pont Neuf: “Ariane and Astérion meet on the vaults of the Pont Neuf. Water and sky appear wings. They come in a flutter landing on the back of the Minotaur. Ariane seems to be the instigator of a strange ceremony orchestrated by the gods. Ariane and Astérion fall asleep on the Roman work.

Day 4: Sunday, November 4th.

Act IV, scene 1 and 2 in search of the temple, from 10:30 to 12 midday and then from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

Act IV, final scene, the house found again. From 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm at the Pont Neuf. ” Asterion awakens and joins Ariane on the banks of the river. Ariane welcomes him and introduces him to his sacred temple. The temple rises in the sky and comes to rest on the back of the monster. Ariane moves away. She will guide the Minotaur to his home. Asterion falls asleep free and calm. Now in Toulouse and visible from the world, Asterion continues his life.

Route of the Giant machines in Toulouse
The Minotaur will move throughout the city center of Toulouse for four days. The story will begin at Pont Neuf … to end at Pont Neuf (© City of Toulouse)

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