Saint-Nazaire: An Easter Egg Hunt in the Windows of the Town Centre

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An easter Egg hunt in Saint-Nazaire

A large easter egg hunt takes place until April 23rd in the centre of Saint-Nazaire. At the origin of Alice in Easter country, four businesses.

The queen of hearts stole a hundred eggs from Alice and hid them in Saint-Nazaire, in the windows of downtown.

To find them, just follow the white rabbit … Here for the red thread.

Since April 6, the egg hunt has been open in about forty Nazarene businesses. It will close on the 23rd, the day of school holidays.

After Halloween, Easter

At the origin of this first initiative in Saint-Nazaire, Antoine Golven and Kevin Boualem of Ka Coffe shop .

 “The idea was to propose an animation in town and to make known the newly installed businesses. For example, we have been open for almost a year but people are still discovering us.”

They embarked three other brands: Fantasia, Escape (Escape Game) and Avenue of Arts (Creative Lizard) . Together they had already proposed over two days in October, an enigma animation around Halloween that mobilised 300 participants and twenty shops.

This time, they convinced about forty stores to participate in this hunt. They are recognisable by the small poster on their doors.

The goal is to find, among the hundreds of hidden eggs (recognisable as decorated with spades, heart, tiles, clover and white rabbit) 12 letters that will form a magic word. A bonus egg is also to be found.

An Alice in Easter country Facebook page gives some clues and the rules of the game.

Gifts, vouchers, baskets … will reward the winners. There are still a few days left to launch.

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