Nuclear electricity, which accounts for 72% of production, allows France to have a price lower than the EU average. The production of electricity of renewable origin represents 18%.

Increase in the Price of Electricity from Today. Since 2007, Prices Have Increased by 50%

On June 1st, electricity rates will increase by 5.9%, the 10th increase in 10 years. A study by INSEE shows that since 1960, electricity has become an increasingly important part of the household budget. The regulated electricity tariff, applied by EDF to approximately 25 million households, increases by 5.9% as from 1 June 2019 . The government recently  announced its […]

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Electricity prices will rise 5.9% on June 1st

Electricity: Prices will Increase by 5.9% on June 1st

The increase of 5.9% for electricity was proposed by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) in February, but the government has postponed this increase of three months, the maximum delay Regulated electricity tariffs are to increase by 5.9% as of 1 June, according to a government document consulted by AFP on Wednesday. The government submitted Tuesday to the Higher Energy Council […]

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The number of unpaid gas and electricity instalments rose again in 2018

Gas, Electricity: The Number of Unpaid Installments Rose Again in 2018

FINANCE: The number of homes in France unable to pay gas and electricity bills rose again in 2018 The number of interventions for outstanding payments rose again in 2018, said Thursday the National Energy Ombudsman, which calls for the establishment of additional support measures for the most fragile households. The number of interventions has increased by […]

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A giant power outage has affected 65,000 customers, in Toulouse, Sunday, October 28, 2018.

Why Downtown Toulouse was Hit by a Giant Blackout, Sunday Noon

Sunday 28th October, 2018, at 12.19pm, a giant power cut occurred in downtown Toulouse. 65,000 customers were deprived of electricity! The details. The incident happened at exactly 12:19 pm A transformer station located at the top of aisles Jean-Jaurès , in downtown Toulouse, suddenly stopped working, Sunday, October 28, 2018. 65,000 private customers The failure of the 225,000-volt transformer caused a […]

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One of the reactors at Fessenheim has shut down because of the heatwave

Heatwave: Shutdown of a Reactor at the Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant

One of the reactors at the Fessenheim nuclear power station had to be shut down because of the hot weather. It is the fourth in France to suffer the consequences of the heatwave. EDF said on Saturday that it shut down one of the two reactors at the Fessenheim nuclear plant (Haut-Rhin) because of the hot weather. In […]

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What changes in France from 1st August

Rent, Gas, Electricity, Childcare, Drugs … Everything that Changes this 1st August

On the 1st of August, as at the beginning of every month, new tariffs, new regulations, laws, provisions come into force in France. Here are some of the key changes to come. On the 1st of August, as at the beginning of every month, new tariffs, new regulations, laws, provisions come into force across France. Here are […]

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136,000 households without electricity in Nouvelle Aquitaine due to thunderstorms

Thunderstorms: 136,000 Households Still Without Electricity in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is badly hit after successive thunderstorms. In Dordorgne, Lot-et-Garonne or Gironde, thousands of homes are without electricity. Some 136,000 homes were still without electricity Thursday morning in Nouvelle- Aquitaine, especially in the Dordogne , after heavy thunderstorms, said the manager of the electricity distribution network, Enedis. “We still have no less than 95,000 customers cut in the Dordogne (75,000), Lot-et-Garonne (8,000), Gironde (12,000), Corrèze (26,000), Haute-Vienne (12,000) and Poitou-Charentes (3000), […]

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Eleanor Storm: Falling Trees, Flooding and Cut Several Electric Lines in Normandy 1

Eleanor Storm: Falling Trees, Flooding and Cut Several Electric Lines in Normandy

Because of the Eleanor storm, this Wednesday 3rd January, the Normandy firefighters were widely sought. Several Normandy roads were closed to traffic. The Eleonor storm  swept the Normandy of its winds, with gusts over 100 km/h Wednesday 3rd January, 2018. As a precaution, the prefect of Seine-Maritime , one of five Norman departments placed in orange alert, has temporarily banned the circulation of […]

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200,000 homes are without power after the passing of Eleanor storm

Eleanor Storm: 200,000 Homes without Electricity in France

The Eleanor storm that struck France in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, caused extensive damage, while 51 departments are on orange alert. Trees and roofs torn, cut roads, bridge closed to traffic.  Wednesday 3rd January, a large northern half of the country is very upset because of the passage of the Eleanor storm . 51 departments have […]

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In Normandy, 54,000 homes are without power after the Eleanor storm

Eleanor Storm: More than 54,000 Homes Without Power in Normandy

The electric grid of Normandy was a victim of bad weather caused by the Eleanor storm on Wednesday 3rd January, 2018. More than 54,000 homes were without power. Black is black. Since the beginning of the morning of Wednesday 3rd January, more than 54,000 homes were without electricity in Normandy.  The electricity network in the region, on an orange alert for strong winds, […]

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