Covid-19: Edouard Philippe Announces Aid of 200 Euros for Precarious Young People

Covid-19: Edouard Philippe announces aid of 200 euros for precarious young people

During his speech in the Senate on Monday, the Prime Minister promised aid to 800,000 young people: students who have lost their jobs and young people who touch the APL.

800,000 people under the age of 25 will be affected. This Monday 4th May 2020, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, during his speech on deconfinement in the Senate, announced exceptional assistance for precarious and modest young people. It will be 200 euros and will be paid in June.

During this announcement, he assured:

“Some young people have found themselves in a situation that I know is dramatic. “

Some students and young people who touch the APL

Who will be affected? First of all, some students: those “who have lost their job or their internship”, and “isolated ultra-marine students who have not been able to return home”, underlines Edouard Philippe.

Young people under the age of 25 who receive APLs will also be included. They will receive this aid in mid-June.

The mechanism and modalities for receiving this aid will be specified in the coming days by the government.

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