Reshuffle: A New Prime Minister Appointed in the Coming Hours

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Edouard Philippe has resigned from his government

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has just handed in the resignation of his government to the President of the Republic who accepted it.

What there is to know

  • Edouard Philippe has just handed in the resignation of his government to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron who accepted it.
  • A new Prime Minister is expected to be appointed today.

10.45 a.m .: Change without renouncing the course of 2017

This change of government is announced in the continuity of the beginning of Emmanuel Macron’s five – year term. The President of the Republic had reaffirmed in April that he wanted to “reinvent himself” but without “renouncing” the reforms of his early term, such as the pension reform.

“The course on which I embarked on in 2017 remains true,” he reaffirmed Thursday 2nd July in an interview with the regional press.

10:30 am: All ministers unemployed 

As a result of this resignation from the Government, all ministerial activity was immediately interrupted. At the National Assembly, where the third draft revised budget was being examined, the meeting was suspended.

Due to the resignation of the government, “we are going to interrupt our work”, indicated the chairman of the session Hugues Renson (LREM), while the secretary of state Cédric O was present.

10 a.m .: Appointment of a new Prime Minister

The agency France Presse (AFP) has just announced that a new prime minister will have to be appointed in the coming hours citing the Elysée Palace as a source. Many names have circulated in recent days to know who could take over from Edouard Philippe.

For his part, Edouard Philippe, could return to Le Havre, the city where he was elected mayor last Sunday.

9:30 am: Prime Minister has just resigned from the government

After days of negotiations, has the time for reshuffle arrived? Friday 3rd July 2020, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe handed in the resignation of his government to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, according to a statement from the Elysée Palace.

Still according to this source, Emmanuel Macron would have accepted this resignation. The Council of Ministers, which was supposed to be held at 10 a.m., has been cancelled.

Edouard Philippe “ensures, with the members of the Government, the treatment of current affairs until the appointment of the new Government” announces the press release.

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