The winter sales kickoff was given in Lorraine on Wednesday 2 January 2019

Winter Sales Begin this Wednesday in Lorraine, a Week Before the Rest of the Country

The launch of the winter sales in 2019 was given in Lorraine on Wednesday 2ndJanuary. Customers have six weeks to shop for the last time before the Pact Act. Let’s go ! The winter sales officially started in Lorraine Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, one week before the other regions of France . Lorraine, wanting to align with the date of the Luxembourg sales , which began […]

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Many shops will be open Sunday, December 30, 2018 in Lille and the metropolis.

Which Stores will be Open on Sunday 30th December in Lille

Some stores will be open Sunday 30th December 2018 in the Lille metropolis. We have listed the participating brands for you. Christmas may have passed, some stores will still open this Sunday, December 30, 2018 . To compensate for the losses caused by the movement of yellow vests or to allow consumers to do their shopping before New Year’s Eve, whatever […]

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The O'Briens Irish Pub, an Irish pub and restaurant, opened in early December 2018 at 8 rue des Trois-Journées in Toulouse

Toulouse: A New Irish Pub Opens … and Two More are Planned!

The first O’Briens Irish Pub, a new pub and Irish restaurant, opened in early December 2018. And its managers are already considering two more in downtown Toulouse! Get ready to see the Pink City adorn itself with green! The first  O’Briens Irish Pub  opened early December 2018, rue des Trois-Journées, in downtown Toulouse, opposite the Mama Shelter. On three levels, […]

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The O'Briens Irish Pub opened in early December in downtown Toulouse

Toulouse: On Three Levels, a New Irish Pub has Opened in the City Centre

It opened on three levels at the beginning of December 2018. The O’Briens Irish Pub joins the large colony of typical Irish establishments in downtown Toulouse. The O’Briens Irish Pub opened in early December 2018 in downtown Toulouse . Located right in front of the Mama Shelter, the establishment, located on three levels, does not go unnoticed. In recent […]

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Town centre businesses in Lorient authorised to open in Sunday

Lorient: Town Centre Businesses Authorised to Open on Sunday

To mitigate the economic impact of blocking yellow jackets, the prefect of Morbihan authorised businesses to open on Sundays 2nd and 9th December 2018. Essentially commercial areas. He reviewed his copy. The shops of the town centre of Lorient will open Sunday 2nd December The shops of downtown Lorient are also allowed to open on Sunday 2nd […]

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Shops in Morbihan, authorised to open ion Sunday in December

Morbihan: Shops Authorised to Open on December

An order was made for the opening of shops and some commercial areas and town centres in Morbihan on Sunday 2nd and 9th December 2018. A decision motivated by the “consequent loss of turnover as the holidays approach” , in connection with the mobilisation of yellow vests since November 17th. The prefect of Morbihan, Raymond […]

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Around 3000 people queued for the opening of Primark in Toulouse

Toulouse: 3,000 People Gathered for the Opening of Primark

The Primark brand has finally opened in Toulouse, after three years of delay. Approximately 3,000 people were gathered for the opening hours, Wednesday 17th October, 2018. The opening of the store was initially planned in 2015, but it is finally on Wednesday, October 17 … 2018 that Primark opened its doors in Toulouse . The Toulouse were on the lookout and […]

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Primark new store in Toulouse will open on the 17th October 2018

Toulouse: Primark Confirms the Date Envisaged for the Opening of its Store

Primark confirmed the date of opening its store, in Toulouse will be Wednesday 17th October These are just a few words on the Facebook page of the store, but they were enough to revive the interest of fans of the brand.  Primark has indeed planned the opening its latest shop for Wednesday 17th October 17, 2018,  in Toulouse . Curtain up at the beginning of the day, […]

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The Action store offers, among other things, a wide selection of decorative and interior items.

In Châteaubriant, the Shop Action, Has Moved!

The Action brand is making its mark in its new store. The latter has just opened in the Horizon area, in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). It is barely 11 am on Friday 21st September, 2018 and the store has already been stormed. The shop Action, formerly located at Forum St Aubin, Avenue Jean Moulin in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), has indeed moved a few […]

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In the Loire-Atlantique, Boulangeries must continue to close one day per week

In Loire-Atlantique, Boulangeries must Continue to Close One Day in the Week

While the federation of boulangeries asked to be able to open seven days a week in Loire-Atlantique, the justice has kept to the current operation. The Administrative Court of Nantes rejected the application of the Federation of Bakery Enterprises (FEB), which wanted to repeal the prefectural order requiring, since 1995 , boulangeries, bakeries and pastry shops in the Loire-Atlantique to close at least a day a week. As a reminder, this employers’ union says it represents “about […]

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