Carrefour Plans up to 3,000 Employee Departures

A Carrefour supermarket in Montpellier on March 28, 2019.

Of these 3,000 departures from Carrefour, decided in the context of a collective break and announced Friday 3rd May, by the unions, 1230 will result in job cuts.

The Carrefour distribution group plans up to 3,000 employee departures in its hypermarkets as part of the project of conventional collective bargaining agreement (RCC) negotiated since the end of March, trade union sources told AFP Friday 3rd May, 2019 .

This ceiling figure, announced Friday to unions, includes deletions of positions in jewelry departments, multimedia and management , workforce reductions in 46 hypermarkets , as well as departures on retirement leave, said these sources union.

The management of the supermarket giant has confirmed to AFP the figure of 3000 departures, insisting that it was a “ceiling”.

1230 posts deleted

“The number of positions removed remains well fixed at 1230,” added the management.

Carrefour launched negotiations at the end of March for a RCC agreement, a first in the group, to set the framework for future transformations in hypermarkets.

In the central works council, the management had then detailed the removal of some 1230 posts in the jewelery store, the multimedia department, the back box, the payroll department, the management, the administrative functions and the crates of the stations. -service.

In addition, according to the unions, the goal of downsizing by up to 15% in 46 stores, as well as an early retirement system (end-of-career leave).

According to management, “between 1230 and 3000, the departures can be replaced”, the end of career leave thus allowing “to promote the generational renewal in the context of the necessary transformation of the model of the hypermarket”.

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