Act 9 Yellow Vests: The Elected and Business Leaders of Rouen Demand the End of the violence

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Leaders and Business demand the end of violence in Rouen by Yellow Vests

Parliamentarians and business leaders of Rouen ask that “the period of the sales is not disturbed by new attacks of violence”, Friday 11th January, 2019.

With every mobilisation of yellow vests , many would like the violence not to be systematic. Foremost among them, parliamentarians and actors of the economic world of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) , who published an open letter Friday 11th January, 2019, the eve of Act 9 already feared.

“Severe consequences”

The signatories, including Damien Adam , deputy LREM , Matthieu de Monchalin , president of the traders association Les Vitrines de Rouen and Vincent Laudat, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ask that “the period of sales that open is not disturbed by new attacks of violence “. According to them, “in the long term, these mobilisations could lead to severe consequences for businesses in our territory, starting with local merchants, forced to fire or to put the key under the door”.

In addition to warn about the cost of these damagess for the community – already nearly a million euros since the beginning of the movement – these personalities of Rouen worry about the “negative effects” that these images can have “on the attractiveness of our territory both economically and for tourists.

“The first redundancies are announced”

According to, Frédéric Sanchez, president of the Metropolis Rouen Normandy, not signatory of this letter, “the first dismissals are announced, the first bankruptcies will be soon”. The elected PS said he feared “an escalation” at a press conference on Friday.

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