A soldier has died in an exercise in Tarn-et-Garonne

Tarn-et-Garonne: One Soldier Killed During an Exercise in Caylus

ACCIDENT: The victim was a non-commissioned officer of the 3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (RPIMa) based in Carcassonne … A soldier died Wednesday morning in an accident armored occurred during an exercise in the military camp Caylus in the Tarn-et-Garonne , said an official source. The skipper of a front armored vehicle (VAB) was killed when his vehicle turned […]

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Huge order for Acmat based in Saint-Nazaire

Saint-Nazaire: A Huge Order of 3,700 Tanks for the Army

INDUSTRY: The Acmat factory owned by Renault Trucks Defence wins the order from the State … The Acmat plant, specializing in the construction of military vehicles, has just received the order of 3,700 light armored vehicles on behalf of the French army, announced Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Minister of Defense this Thursday. The order was in fact […]

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Military vehicles crossed the Mayenne just north of Angers

Army: The 6th Engineer Regiment Exercised North of Angers

Until tomorrow, a military major exercise continues north of Angers, employing 400 personnel at the initiative of the 6th Engineering regiment of Angers. Nearly 100 vehicles, 400 soldiers from various regiments, and staff based in Feneu … the forces which are in place for three days is impressive. “There’s the 6th Engineering regiment, used for making […]

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Francois Hollande announces a further 800 jobs in Defence and the cancellation of the 10,000 job losses

Defence: François Hollande will Create 800 jobs and Cancel 10,000 losses

Following the attacks of Paris, the president promised that there would be no reduction of staff in the defence until 2019 … and the risk of attacks has forced the government to review the deployment of staff for defense and homeland security . Operational units and cyber defense “During this advice, the President of the […]

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There has been more interest in joining the Army

Attacks in Paris: The Boom in Applications for the Army after November 13th

The army of great interest … Already after the attacks in January, the trend was on the rise. It has been confirmed that after the attacks of November 13th there has been even more interest. The Navy recorded in 2015 almost 40% more visits in the information centers and army recruitment (CIRFA) than in 2014, announced the […]

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Up to 1000 troops will be based in Aveyron

Aveyron: Le Larzac camp will see a thousand legionnaires

They will settle on the current military camp, including the extension project in the 70s that had raised a wave of civil disobedience .. EELV MEP José Bové will have new neighbors on the Lazarc plateau. More than 40 years after the fight launched by peasants opposed to the extension of a military camp on […]

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More soldiers to be recruited to counter terror threats

Against the terrorist threat, the Army recruited 11,000 additional soldiers

This recruitment is in addition to 10,000 recruits per year … With the growing terrorist threat in France, the Army will recruit an additional 11,000 additional people in 2015 and 2016, announced the Chief of Staff of the Army Jean-Pierre Bosser Thursday. The 10,000 annual recruitment “usual” will add 5,000 people in 2015 and 6,000 […]

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Francois Hollande annouces increase in Defence Spending

Francois Hollande annouces increase in Defence Budget

Defence Budget: François Hollande has announced an additional budget of 3.8 billion euros by 2019 Francois Hollande has announced that the defence budget for the Ministry of Defence is to be maintained at 31.4 billion euros in 2015 and that 7,000 military personnel are to be maintained for the ongoing operation ‘Senitel’. “This is a […]

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