Aveyron: Le Larzac camp will see a thousand legionnaires

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Up to 1000 troops will be based in Aveyron
Up to 1000 troops will be based in Aveyron
Illustration of a battalion of the Foreign Legion. – BONY / SIPA

They will settle on the current military camp, including the extension project in the 70s that had raised a wave of civil disobedience ..

EELV MEP José Bové will have new neighbors on the Lazarc plateau. More than 40 years after the fight launched by peasants opposed to the extension of a military camp on the Aveyron Causse, the Foreign Legion will move there next year as part of restructuring the army.

450 men in 2016, a futures thousand

The 13th demi-brigade of the Foreign Legion (DBLE) , stationed in Djibouti for 49 years and since 2011 in the UAE, will now take up residence in the camp.Composed of 70 men, it will move to 450 legionnaires in 2016 to gradually reach a workforce of a thousand members.

But the followers of civil disobedience will not have to get out their pitchforks and may Gardarem lo Larzac . “We remain strictly within the boundaries of existing camp,” confirmed the Ministry of Defence, wanting to avoid seeing the rebirth born oppositions in the 70s and that led to a decade of struggle .

Between economic benefits and nostalgia

An economic boon to some representatives of the region who hope to see the benefits for the South Aveyron region.


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