Saint-Nazaire: A Huge Order of 3,700 Tanks for the Army

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Huge order for Acmat based in Saint-Nazaire

INDUSTRY: The Acmat factory owned by Renault Trucks Defence wins the order from the State …

The Acmat plant, specializing in the construction of military vehicles, has just received the order of 3,700 light armored vehicles on behalf of the French army, announced Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Minister of Defense this Thursday. The order was in fact made at Renault Trucks Defense , owner of Acmat.

Vehicles ordered by the French army are 4X4 VLTP-NP-type (multipurpose tactical light vehicles) mounted on a Ford chassis militarized and equipped with a radio and weapon system.

Four years of work for the plant

They will provide almost four years of work at the Saint-Nazaire Acmat plant.  It will deliver the first 500 vehicles in 2017, followed by another 1,000 in 2018. These tanks will gradually replace the often dilapidated vehicles like the legendary P4 produced by Peugeot that entered service in 1983.

Acmat employs 120 people in Saint-Nazaire.


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