Attacks in Paris: The Boom in Applications for the Army after November 13th

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There has been more interest in joining the Army

The army of great interest …

Already after the attacks in January, the trend was on the rise. It has been confirmed that after the attacks of November 13th there has been even more interest. The Navy recorded in 2015 almost 40% more visits in the information centers and army recruitment (CIRFA) than in 2014, announced the military during the weekly press briefing the Ministry of Defence in Balard.

Twice as many applications were also observed on the Navy website. Regarding the Air Force, online information requests have been multiplied by 20 since November 13th, when the attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis.

New application dedicated to recruitment

For the Army, the same conclusion. “We thought that after the increase in January was linked to the emotional effect.  In fact, interest has extended throughout the year, “said a soldier.  A mobile application dedicated to the recruitment and coaching will be launched to accompany the new recruits.  With it, the army intends to win 10% of young people who have been dropped during the process.

On November 14th , the day after the attacks, the Army recorded 1,700 contacts with possible future candidates, against 150-300 a day usually, 10 times more. The following week, the figure was 1,000 every day and three weeks after the attacks, they are still around 800 enquiries per day.

In 2015, the army has reported the largest number of applications for ten years.

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