Ariana Grande is not Single Anymore

The singer Ariana Grande at Met Gala 2019

LOVE: The rumours of a relationship between the singer, Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster of Social House are clarified

Ariana Grande may have a new man in her life. Rumours of a relationship between the singer and Mikey Foster of Social House intensify since the release of the clip of their title Boyfriend .

And even if the frame of the video only reflects the lyrics of the song, the making-off visible on YouTube reveals a certain closeness between the two artists. But we can always think that this is a staging designed to make the buzz. Yet other elements suggest that there is a little more than that.

Strong clues

Last Sunday (4th August 2019), Ariana Grande performed at the Lollapolooza Festival in Chicago and the Social House came on stage to perform Boyfriend with her. According to a source present that evening interviewed by E! News , the evening continued with the surprise birthday of the singer’s bodyguard. And according to the same source, Mikey Foster was sitting next to Ariana Grande throughout the evening, which seems like another clue. Let’s not forget that the star is often out with artists with whom she had collaborated, like Mac Miller or Big Sean.

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