Attack in Manchester: Ariana Grande will Return to Give a Charity Concert

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Ariana Grande will give a charity concert for the victims of the attack in Manchester

UNITED KINGDOM: The singer wrote on Friday a long letter to her fans and the people of Manchester …

There are some days she was “shattered” by the tragedy . Four days after the attack in Manchester , singer Ariana Grande addressed the people of Manchester and her fans in a long letter published on Twitter. Vowing not to let “hatred win,” she promises to return soon to Manchester for a concert in the profits of the victims and their families.

Saying “sorry for the pain and fear that you must feel, the trauma you have to live,” Ariana Grande praised “compassion, kindness, love and unity” which is displayed after the Manchester drama. “I do not want to go the year without being able to see my fans, take in my arms and support them as they continue to do it for me,” she wrote on Friday.

“The only thing that can now do is choose how this happened affects us and how we live our lives.” “Our response should be to come together, to help each other, to love more, to sing louder and live more generously than we did before,” argues the singer with 46 million Twitter followers.

Controversy over her hasty departure

Some voices have to regret that the singer had left so quickly Manchester, including the British columnist Piers Morgan. “If the Queen can visit victims in hospital, why can’t the star they paid to see can do the same,” he tweeted, sparking widespread criticism.

Many on the internet have criticized the journalist for his lack of empathy when the young singer was very affected by the attack, according to his statements and photos published in several media. Ariana Grande returned on Tuesday to Boca Raton (Florida), where she resides.

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