Loire-Atlantique: The Prefecture Announced Tighter Controls on the Roads

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The Prefect of the Loire-Atlantique is having a crackdown on Road safety

The poor figures for accidents during the school holidays force the prefect to take action …

The year 2015 was black on road safety in Loire-Atlantique. No less than 83 people had died on the roads of the department, an increase of 30% in one year. But the accident figures since 1 January are not very encouraging: 14 people have been killed in road accidents during the first twelve weeks.

That is why the prefecture announced a “tighter controls around the accident-prone areas, such as on major roads during the school holidays.”

Speed, alcohol, fatigue, cell phone and motorcycle

The prefect also calls once again on the road users to use “caution and vigilance” . He insists on several points: “Observe the speed limit,” “please do not drive” if under the influence of alcohol or you are feeling fatigue, “do not get distracted by your mobile phone,” and “wear suitable safety equipment” if you ride a motorcycle or scooter.

Since mid-March, the prefecture also posts on social media prevention messages sarcastically with the grim Reaper.



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