Road safety: The Number of Road Deaths down 9% in August

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Road deaths in France are down in August announced the Interior Minister

ACCIDENTS:  “30 lives have been saved” from August 2015, said the Minister of Interior, announcing a fall in road deaths in France…

Good news on the front of road safety . The number of deaths on the roads of France was down 9% in August, with 302 people killed, 30 less than in August 2015.

“For the third consecutive month of road deaths fell. If we consider the first eight months of the year, a slight decrease is observed, “announced Bernard Cazeneuve , in an interview this Friday with the daily La Presse de la Mancha .

This fall follows “two years of increases,” said the interior minister.

“Our goal is to achieve results in the long term”

“We must therefore continue our efforts, collectively improve our behaviour on the road for the safety of all,” says the Minister of the Interior before concluding: “Our goal is to achieve results over time, thanks to the measures decided and implemented by the government , but also by everyone with increased awareness. ”

The number of deaths on the roads of France recorded a slight drop of 0.3% in July, with 352 people killed, one less than in July 2015. The Interior Minister had reiterated on the 8th July, “another year of decline in road deaths” in 2016 while France experienced two years of increase in 2014 (3,384 dead, + 3.5% compared to 2013) and 2015 (3,464 killed, + 2.4% compared to 2014).

France had not recorded two consecutive years of increase in road deaths for 35 years.

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