Road Deaths: 19% increase in July

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Higher road deaths in july

Higher road deaths in july

In the month of July, the amount of road deaths in France increased by 19.2% compared to July 2014.  Motorcyclists represented 30% of deaths on the roads in July, and deaths of those over the age of 65 also increased than this time last year.  But what is the reason why ?  Emmanuel Barbe, Interministerial Delegate for Road Safety, said the traditional causes of accidents: alcohol, drugs, speed, breaches of the highway code all played their part, but this year other factors also contributed to the increase.


While the month of July 2014 was rainy and gloomy , in July 2015 it was drier, warmer and brighter.  As a result, the French took their car or motorcycle to go for a walk, go away for the weekend or on vacation. The motorcyclists have paid a heavy price though with 105 deaths on the roads in July.

The international situation

The threat and fear of terrorism has also played its part, with many French deciding not to take a vacation abroad.  “The tourist stays of French in France increased by 18.8%,” noted Emmanuel Barbe. The economic crisis has also pushed the French to stay close to home to reduce the travel budget.

Low fuel prices

In July 2015, a litre of diesel, the most fuel sold in France, was only  1.20 euros on average in the metropolis, according to figures from INSEE.  Last year, to fill up an average tank of fuel in July, you had to pay 1.32 euro per litre.  A full 60 litres cost about 7 euros less that a year ago.  This would have prompted the French to take their car to go on holiday with them and use it more.

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