United Kingdom: ChatGPT has the Parking Fine Received by a Student Revoked

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In the United Kingdom, a student uses ChatGPT to appeal against a parking ticket

THANK YOU CHATGPT: The English student decided to send a letter, written using the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT to appeal against the parking fine

ChatGPT strikes again. Launched in November 2022, the chatbot developed by OpenAI recently enabled a British student to escape a fine for poor parking, reports the BBC  relayed by Capital.

The 22-year-old young woman, who lives and studies in York ( United Kingdom ), has indeed received a ticket for having parked her car in the street where she lives when she is authorized to park there. At first she was tempted to pay the £60 fine demanded of her, but the student finally decided to challenge the fine.

The fine cancelled

She did not write the dispute letter herself but asked ChatGPT to write it for her. For this, the student gave the artificial intelligence all the necessary elements: the place, the date and time of the ticket, the reference of the fine and why she felt she had been wrongly fined.

ChatGPT “came back with a perfectly worded personalized response within minutes,” according to the young Briton, interviewed by the BBC. And the ticket was cancelled by the authorities. If this is not the first time that ChatGPT has shown itself to be relevant and useful, its founder recently reminded us that he could sometimes “write plausible, but incorrect or absurd answers”.

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